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</center></br> <p align="left"><font size="2"><b>3/19/08:</b> <a href="Paperwork/Hauth.pdf" target="_blank"><b>Click here</b></a> to see our article in the Windsor Times.</font></p> <p align="left"><font size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>9/12/06:</b> Gift cards now available at Hauth's Taekwondo! Use them to get a family member or friend into Taekwondo and many other things. Ask Mr. Hauth for more details.</font></p> </td></tr> </table> </center> <!-- InstanceEndEditable --></td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top"> <center> <p><img src="images/miramontez.jpg" width="149" height="24"></p> </center></td> <td valign="top">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="top">&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#003399"> <td height="90" colspan="3" valign="top"><center> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF" size="2"><b>Hauth's Family Taekwondo&nbsp;&middot; </b>8465 Old Redwood Hwy. Suite 230 <b>&middot;</b> Windsor, CA 95492 <b>&middot;</b> 707-838-3644 <b>&middot;</b></font> <a href="mailto:chauth1@earthlink.net"><font size="2">Email Us</font></a></p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF" size="1">Web site maintained by <a href="http://www.leviathandesigns.com" target="_blank">Leviathan Designs &amp; Photography </a></font></p> </center></td> </tr> </table> <p>&nbsp;</p> <!-- WiredMinds eMetrics tracking with Enterprise Edition V5.4 START --> <script type='text/javascript' src='https://count.carrierzone.com/app/count_server/count.js'></script> <script type='text/javascript'><!-- wm_custnum='12cf0acf05065515'; wm_page_name='index.htm'; wm_group_name='/services/webpages/f/a/familytaekwondo.com/public'; wm_campaign_key='campaign_id'; wm_track_alt=''; wiredminds.count(); // --> </script> <!-- WiredMinds eMetrics tracking with Enterprise Edition V5.4 END --> </body> <!-- InstanceEnd --></html>